What type of work do you do?

We are committed to directing activities that create self sustaining micro enterprise programs in Uganda Africa.  These projects serve to dignify and improve the quality of life within the communities they take place in.

How are you funded?

We are funded by individuals and organizations that share in the passion of community development through micro enterprise creation.  

Are you a non-profit?

The Barnabas Project Partners is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charity organization.  Therefore all gifts and donations made to the Barnabas Project Partners are tax deductible. 

What is the Barnabas Project Uganda?

The Barnabas Project Uganda is a Ugandan Government recognized community development organization based out of Busoke Uganda.  The Barnabas Project Partners works in partnership with the "BPU" and manages various community development endeavors through them.

How can I participate?

Consider a one time or continuous financial gift to be applied to one or any of the various current projects underway.  You can also contact us to inquire more about others ways to be involved and how we can discuss and facilitate a deeper dive specific for you.  

p. (616) 730-1828 or email bpp@barnabasproject.org