Ryan Sischo

Co-Founder / President

My passion is to help people find and grow in the richness that is found in community.  I believe that one of the biggest ways for providing opportunities of personal growth for individuals; is to create avenues of genuine connection.  Self sustaining business creation and networking for the benefit of others; has been a driving force in my life and I count it a privilege to be able to participate in the great works of the Barnabas Project Partners.  

In my free time I enjoy frequenting a coffee shop and reading, traveling, and picking away on my guitar a bit.  My relationship with Jesus, my children, and closest friends are what I cherish the most; they keep me going. 

Bryan Pickett

Co-Founder / Vice President

There have been many experiences in my life that have compelled me to re-prioritize what I feel is truly important. One of those experiences was a first-hand account of how community living has allowed a village with little resources make life sustainable. Because of this experience I encourage all to adopt a community lifestyle. I believe that only through personal relationships can an individual or organization truly assist in change, conversely I have been a witness to cases where assistance has failed due to not fully understanding an individual or organization’s needs as they see them. I am encouraged and excited to work with the Barnabas Project Partners in developing programs to encourage self-sustainability through micro-enterprise projects and the encouragement of the community lifestyle. I feel our success will be benchmarked by no longer being needed. 

I am an avid outdoorsman and spend most of the fall and winter months outdoors enjoying the beauty that God has blessed us with. I am also an amateur wood worker. If I am not in the woods you can find me in the woodshop building furniture or turning projects on my lathe. 

Matt Cinco


I was introduced to the BPP several years ago and have witnessed the passion that Ryan, Bryan, and Fred bring to the table on an ongoing basis.  Because of their vision and ongoing outreach, I realized it lined up with my personal values and beliefs.  It has been a pleasure becoming part of the BPP team and it's mission.  


During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Tracy, and two children, Jack and Kate.  I enjoy traveling, overall fitness, and being involved with our church community.   

Edwin Mbaziira

Director Barnabas Project Uganda

Having grown in a poor family and finding it hard to access education, the only option
I had to pursue academics was through the blessing of soccer.  I was able to earn athletic scholarships all the way through university level.  Never forgetting my upbringing of living in extreme poverty; I grew up committing myself to serve others, more especially the poor and vulnerable.  I am impassioned by the desire to help others achieve their full potential by creating opportunities to those who dearly need them.  I am happy to be a part of fulfilling these passions of serving others through the BP-U.
In my free time I love watching and playing soccer and spending time with my wife and daughter.